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Great PC Games is a free, no membership, no subscription website designed around a very simple idea. We tell you what games are out there, which ones are any good, and how to get them.

All opinions expressed on this site are just that, opinions, and if you are offended, upset, feel grieved or any other negative emotions as a direct, indirect or etherial result of any of the content we are sorry but take no responsibility for it. All prices are correct at the time of uploading. We spend at least 30 hours getting to know the parts of the games we review that the ordinary sites can't hope to find. Does the game have staying power? Can it keep us interested with new and exciting content? Is it worth the time and money that you might want to spend on it? We aim to answer these questions and more...

We are a non-profit website, and as such have no money. As a result we accept no responsibility for anything from the dawn of time to the end of the universe. We are not responsible for anything past, present or future. We do not set out to offend and although we do not wish to offend, you may find some of the opinions differ from your own. We do not apologise for this, as differing ideas are an intrinsic part of the human condition, and responsible for all the progress, both good and bad that we, as a species have achieved.

You MUST accept that anything you read is opinion and as such not actionable in order to use any of this websites features.

All video is sourced directly from Youtube unless otherwise stated, and remains the strict copyright of the owner.


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